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Macoy Kaulen

Macoy Kaulen

Marketing Specialist

Macoy joined ThinkReliability in 2021. He works to expand ThinkReliability’s reach by utilizing creative techniques in marketing and streamlining back-end processes. He enjoys thinking outside the box and expanding on his graphic design knowledge.

Macoy has a bachelor’s in General Management / Consulting from Texas A&M University – College Station. Prior to joining ThinkReliability, Macoy worked as a marketing intern at Texas Children’s Hospital and social media specialist for local businesses.

Macoy and his wife were both born and raised in Houston, TX. They have a small obsession with Harry Potter. Macoy has gone as far as playing Quidditch in college, going to conventions and even making Harry Potter-style wands. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his dogs, practicing disc golf and playing video games.