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About Cause Mapping®
Case Studies
Root cause analysis

Why Cause Mapping® Root Cause Analysis

Cause Mapping® RCA Basics

Cause Mapping RCA Template – Top 3 Excel Tips

NYC Helicopter Crash – March 2018

New London School Explosion – Worst School Disaster in US History

Hawaiian Missile Alert False Alarm

Root Cause Analysis - Hubble Telescope

Root Cause Analysis Case Study: Flight 1594; Miracle on the Hudson

Root Cause Analysis Case Study: Mars Climate Orbiter

Root Cause Analysis - Titanic

Root Cause Analysis Case Study: Valdez Oil Spill

Root Cause Analysis Case Study: Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Issues

Collapse of the I-35 Bridge

Medication Errors

Investigating workplace injuries

What is root cause analysis?

Root Cause Logic – A Common Error

How to Investigate a Near-Miss?

Root Cause Analysis - ThinkReliability Approach

Investigating Procedure Not Followed

The Important Connection Between RCA and FMEA

Root Cause and Contributing Factors

Investigating workplace injuries

Improving the Fishbone Diagram - Better Cause-and-Effect Analysis

How to Conduct a 5-Why

5-Why Toyota Welding Robot Example

5-Why Hawaii Missile Alert Example

5-Why Cause Map vs. Conventional 5-Why – Alternator Belt Example

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Visit our Excel video library and learn how to use Microsoft Excel to visually document cause-and-effect relationships.

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