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Benefits of the company-specific WebinarBenefits of the company-specific Webinar
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If you’ve attended any of our free webinars, you’ve seen the unique ability to connect hundreds of people across the world with no travel costs and provide valuable information that can be applied immediately.

Now, imagine using the same capability to host a webinar that focuses specifically on how Cause Mapping was used to investigate and solve one of your problems.

Our root cause analysis case study webinar is a cost-effective solution to provide additional training and support using Cause Maps to investigate and solve problems within your organization. The idea is simple: Instead of a webinar that uses historical examples or examples from other companies, we focus on an actual problem from your organization, which we investigate prior to the webinar.

The benefits are twofold:

1. We lead the investigation to help you solve a specific problem

We provide a Cause Mapping Expert to conduct and facilitate a detailed problem investigation. You identify the problem and we will work remotely with those familiar with the incident to complete a thorough investigation.

2. We host a webinar to show others in your organization how it was done

Once the investigation is completed, we’ll use our Webinar capabilities and your incident investigation as the basis for a company case study webinar for up to 1,000 people within your organization. The value of the webinar is to not only educate others about the problem that occurred and action items to prevent recurrence, but to also explain how the investigation was conducted.


Leverage lessons learned across your entire organization

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Prerequisites-IconWhat is covered in the webinar?
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Once we have completed a thorough investigation of one of your problems, we use the incident as an example to train others within your organization with an online webinar. The webinar is typically broken down into three parts and is 45 minutes long.

Part I: Incident Review (15 minutes)

Discuss the details of the incident including the causes, evidence, action items, and takeaways.

Part II: Investigation Process (15 minutes)

Discuss how the investigation was conducted using the Cause Mapping approach: Who was involved, amount of time it took, how the Cause Map evolved, other tools that were incorporated. We will also discuss frustrations, prevention focus, lessons learned, and much more.

Part III: Question and Answer (15 minutes)

Webinar attendees can submit questions about the incident itself or the investigation, which will be answered on the webinar.

Prerequisites-IconHow does it work?
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Step 1: Request a quote

We charge a flat rate for this service that includes everything from the consulting work to hosting and facilitating the webinar.

Step 2: Get started!

Once you give us the go-ahead, we will begin working remotely with your people to investigate the problem. The investigation will be conducted remotely using a combination of conference calls and Webex meetings. While conducting the investigation, we will be noting specific details for the webinar.

Step 3: Schedule the company-specific webinar

Once the investigation is completed, we will coordinate a date and time for your webinar. You simply provide the e-mail address of those you would like to attend. We take care of the rest.

Step 4: Host webinar

We facilitate the root cause analysis case study webinar. You can designate anyone from your organization as vocal participants to assist in the presentation or rely on the ThinkReliability facilitator. Attendees will have the ability to submit questions about the incident and/or the process used to investigate it. All questions will be answered on the webinar.

Leverage lessons learned on one of your problems

Request a quote for a Company Case Study Webinar led by a ThinkReliability Cause Mapping expert. Please click below to complete our quote request form and we will contact you within 24 hours with more information on pricing and deliverables. If you need immediate assistance, please call our office at 281-412-7766.