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Workshop attendee, Veolia

“ThinkReliability Cause Mapping is a very practical and structured process that can really aid any type organization in incident investigations. Highly recommend them whether you are looking to initiate your cause mapping process or even enhance it.”

Workshop attendee, Cargill

“I’ve done root cause analysis in incident investigation for years. The cause mapping process is the best way I have seen to do this analysis. I wish I had known about it long ago.”

Workshop attendee, University of Texas

“This Cause Mapping Workshop allowed our group from different parts of this industry to see how we all run into the same problems on a daily basis. With Cause Mapping, we recognized how quickly simple and complicated issues can be resolved. Very useful tool in setting and changing policies and procedures.”

Workshop attendee, Jet Aviation

“I took some earlier versions of root cause analysis training and left feeling more confused than ever. With the RCA300 taught by ThinkReliability, I feel I have been given a toolbox of information and ideas that I will be able to effectively apply at my workplace to make a positive impact. One of the best courses I have ever taken.”

Workshop attendee, Sandia

“The cause-mapping process gets down to the nitty-gritty (absolutely necessary), the specifics of an issue, and allows an organization to make effective decisions, financial or otherwise, to break the chain of problematic events assisting them in reducing the recurrence. This gets rid of the two-second meeting with the generic answer ‘just need more training’ answer. It actually increases safety (most important) and aids the organizational hierarchy in prioritizing and choosing the most cost-effective and needful fixes. The fact that the information can also be archived adds to the value as the details of a previous event can be reviewed if / when a similar event occurs.”

Workshop attendee, Diamond Crystal Brand

“Our company has a negative connotation around Root Cause Analysis because of historically long and drawn out cases that never reached a definitive end. At the ThinkReliability training we learned how quickly and painlessly information can be gathered and visually depicted to lead to a faster analysis of issues and more options for solutions, some of which may not have been initially apparent.”

Workshop attendee, Hormel

This process provides a well thought out and inclusive methodology to conduct a thorough investigation. The methods prevent the natural tendency to pinpoint a specific root cause and insure that all causes are investigated and addressed.

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