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Become a Cause Mapping Certified FacilitatorBecome a Cause Mapping® Certified Facilitator
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Take your Cause Mapping skills to the next level. Our Certified Facilitator Program can give you the confidence and proficiency necessary to lead complex high-risk incident investigations. Regardless of your industry, effective problem solving is a skill that is in high demand. Gain the skills that allow you to reveal more effective solutions to problems within your organization. As a champion of Cause Mapping root cause analysis, you will become a valuable resource providing expertise, investigation support, and RCA program guidance within your organization.


Become a certified Cause Mapping Facilitator

Gain the skills that will allow you to become a problem-solving expert within your organization.

What is the Cause Mapping Certified Facilitator Program?What is the Cause Mapping Certified Facilitator Program?
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This program was created in response to a need for a standard in leading complex incident investigations. It provides the skills and training for individuals with knowledge of Cause Mapping looking to become experts for solving real-world problems. However, like any other skill, proficiency comes with practice, application, and mentoring. Cause Mapping Certification fills that void. It is a “hands-on” program designed to develop expertise in facilitating and investigating problems using the Cause Mapping way of thinking. Applicants are put through the same standards that we would require from a ThinkReliability consultant.

Who is the ideal Candidate?Who is the ideal Candidate?
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We are often asked, “Who is the ideal candidate?” Here are some essential characteristics for someone considering the Cause Mapping Certified Facilitator Program. If you find that you (or your employee) has most of these characteristics, you are likely a good fit.

  • They like problem solving.
  • They are naturally inquisitive.
  • They are detail oriented.
  • They work well with people.
  • They listen.
  • They strive to understand your organization’s work processes.
  • They are interested in Excel drawing tools.
  • They are organized.
  • They have an open mind.
  • They do not have to be a subject matter expert.

How does it work?How does it work?
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Cause Mapping Facilitator Certification requires a strong commitment and a considerable time investment from the potential candidate. First, the applicant must be accepted into the Certification Program by meeting all prerequisites listed below. After acceptance, the candidate will be assigned a specific ThinkReliability Instructor who will work one-on-one as a coach, instructor, and mentor.



Demonstrate knowledge of Cause Mapping training, ThinkReliability’s facilitation approach, and strategies

Methodology Assessment


Apply the knowledge to “real world” problem investigations from your organization

Case Studies


Demonstrate your Excel documentation skills proficiency

Documentation Assessment


Demonstrate the ability to prepare and present investigation results to management

Management Presentation

All of the sessions with your Instructor are hosted one-on-one via an online meeting platform and scheduled at times agreed upon by both Candidate and Instructor. The sessions may consist of methodology review, demonstration and practice of Excel tips and tricks, and incident coaching and feedback.

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Due to the commitment and work necessary to achieve certification, we have identified strict criteria for an applicant to be accepted. This is a very effective and rewarding program for those who have a strong desire to improve their investigation skills. In other words, if you are applying because you were told to, this program is not a good fit for you. To be accepted, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete a Cause Mapping for Facilitators + Documentation Workshop
  2. Complete the Certification application form
  3. Provide an example Cause Map™ diagram for an incident that you have worked
  4. Obtain a signed agreement letter from company management outlining expectations
  5. Provide a signed non-disclosure agreement for ThinkReliability to participate on client-specific incidents (if applicable)

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Become a Certified Cause Mapping® Facilitator

Gain the skills that will allow you to become a problem-solving expert within your organization. Please click below to complete our quote request form and we will contact you within 24 hours with more information. If you need immediate assistance, please call our office at 281-412-7766.