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Let us drop everything and work on your problem. No, really.
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Our expertise and efficiency at investigating incidents can immediately be applied to any of your problems. Our facilitator can lead a complete investigation including information collection, a thorough root cause analysis using the Cause Mapping method, and complete documentation with assigned action items and corresponding improvements in the processes where the incident originated.

We are able to provide an objective, consistent perspective that will effectively reveal how and why your problem occurred. These problems may range from major problems with known details to recurring issue(s) that no one has time to tackle or that appear daunting due to the unknowns.



Over 95% of our client investigations are completed remotely

Save time and money with our facilitation and coaching services


Why use ThinkReliability to facilitate your incident investigation?
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Saves time and resources

Anyone familiar with the Cause Mapping methodology already knows how efficient it can be at revealing effective solutions to problems. Our experienced consultants are able to leverage this to its highest potential, saving you time and money. The facilitator will aid in identifying the appropriate resources and driving the discussion to help avoid unproductive meetings. With remote facilitations, we can start immediately.

Objective third party

We serve as an objective, unbiased facilitator, which helps keep the focus on preventing problems instead of blaming your people.

Thorough analysis

Your expertise lies in your line of work; our expertise allows lies in analyzing problems. Our consultants will help ensure that we drive the incident investigation to an appropriate level of detail needed for effective solutions. The fact that we don’t work with you is an advantage: It forces a more in-depth analysis. Being far removed from your line of work, we are likely to ask questions that may not occur to those who are closer to the problem.

We offer three different options
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Option 1: Turnkey Investigation
Option 2: Hourly billed investigation
Option 3: Pre-paid support hours


80 percent of the problems we facilitate can be completed using our flat rate turnkey problem investigation

Option 1: Utilize our Turnkey Problem Investigation

For a prepaid, flat fee, we will work the problem from beginning to end. The investigation will be conducted remotely via desktop sharing software (Webex, Adobe Connect, or similar) over multiple sessions with key people in your organization.


Benefits of our turnkey solution


No surprises

No more worries over how much the investigation will cost. Instead, the focus is on conducting an in-depth quality investigation.

Complete and thorough investigation

You don’t have to worry that the project will be cut short because of budget. We don’t stop until you are satisfied with the investigation.

Cost-effective results

Many of our clients assume they can’t afford root cause analysis consulting for large problem investigations. This solution proves otherwise. Try us out and see how efficient and effective we are at facilitating your investigation. In our experience, we’ve found that we’re the party that wants to dig deeper — and this option lets us do that, while simultaneously saving you from having to cut into your budget.


Project deliverables: What you will get

At the completion of your investigation, you will get a complete problem analysis within our Excel Cause Mapping Template. That includes Problem Definition, Executive-Level Cause Map, Detailed Cause Map, a Corrective Action table and any supporting documents that were collected based on the incident.


Project prerequisites

Certain conditions must be met in order for the problem to qualify within this program. With a quick conversation, we can understand if this is a good fit for you. The types of problems that are typically investigated using this option include:

  • Remote
  • Specific, discrete incident
  • No attorney client privilege incidents

Each of these types of problems can be investigated using our Turnkey Problem Investigation services.

Option 2: Hourly billed project investigation

For investigations that don’t qualify for our turnkey investigation solution, facilitation services are billed hourly. An estimate of the number of hours needed to complete the investigation will be provided up front. To request a quote, call us today or complete the hourly facilitation requests form. Only actual hours worked are billed at the completion of the investigation (with a five-hour minimum of billable hours).

The types of problems that are typically investigated using this option include:

  • Investigations that require on-site facilitation
  • Catastrophic incident investigations such as a fatality
  • Recurring incident investigation that require analysis of multiple failures over a time period
  • Attorney client privilege incidents
  • Process Mapping / Process Improvement Projects

Option 3: Investigation coaching and support hours (pre-paid)

This option is intended for our clients who would like to have ThinkReliability as a resource available at their fingertips. This is ideal for a variety of your needs: Coaching, investigation support, feedback, or if you just want someone to help clean up your Cause Map in Excel (and believe us — we can make it look GREAT). This option allows our clients to purchase pre-paid hours, which can be used in small increments on any individual project they desire. There is no minimum number of hours per project, and you can use the hours however you like in 15-minute increments. Hours are pre-purchased in 10-hour blocks, and can be used as needed.

Facilitation and consulting FAQ
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What does a ThinkReliability incident investigation look like, and what do you need from me to get started?

Your people provide the details, and our facilitator will capture, document, and use the information provided to drive the incident investigation forward. Often, this starts with a simple problem description and any other information that’s been collected (event reports, email summaries, witness statements, etc.) The analysis will reveal who in your organization we need to work with moving forward. Most of the investigations are conducted remotely (via web meeting through WebEx) in small sessions, allowing us to quickly move the investigation forward and making efficient use of your resources.

You offer three different facilitation options. Which one should I use?

Surprisingly, the majority of the investigations we facilitate can be completed using the turnkey solution. Our root cause analysis consulting experts are efficient at capturing the details needed to analyze problems regardless of severity, which is why we are able to offer this solution at this price.

The advantage of the turnkey incident investigation is that you know what you are going to get regardless of the time it takes. Of course, some investigations will require a significant time commitment, which varies. These investigations will be conducted on an hourly basis. A ThinkReliability consultant can help determine if you investigation qualifies or not.

The third option provides a pre-purchase block of time that can be used as needed for investigation support, coaching, or documentation. This solution is great for those who are investigating their own problems, but would like occasional help.

Top Tips for Effective Facilitators

Thank you for your interest in ThinkReliability facilitation and consulting services. Check out our top tips for effective facilitators for videos and guidance on how to lead your next facilitation.