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Whether you’re looking to expose a large group to Cause Mapping® training, take a deeper dive into topics covered in an instructor-led workshop or provide a refresher for people already trained, our on-demand training courses offer flexible learning for those with busy schedules. The courses can be completed on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, at any time of day, anywhere with internet access.

Our bulk on-demand training subscription options (Team or Enterprise) provide access for your learners to be able to complete ThinkReliability courses within a custom training portal designed for your company at a discounted per-person rate.

In addition, each bulk subscription license provides administrative access to your online training portal for a member of your team to be able to pull reports on your learner usage, as well as their progress throughout each course included in your training package.

On-Demand Training Options

Frequently Asked Questions
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What topics are included in the on-demand training subscription?

For an individual subscription, you will have access to all of our on-demand and self-paced courses in our public on-demand library. For team & enterprise subscriptions, your custom client portal can include one topic or a combination of on-demand and self-paced courses from our public on-demand library. We are happy to provide a quote to fit your needs.

How long will we have access to training?

Subscription access is valid for one year from the date of initial purchase.

Can I add a team or enterprise training subscription to instructor-led training I already have scheduled?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to make use of the on-demand training options to help increase the number of people exposed to problem-solving thinking, to help provide a refresher after a live training has ended before an investigation begins, or even to reinforce some of the points made during a live training. We offer price breaks on the subscription option if you've got instructor-led training coming up. Send us a note and we will provide a quote.

Can we include our scheduled instructor-led training and the on-demand courses in a custom portal?

You bet! We love to provide a one-stop shop for your learners to register for training. The custom portal has the ability to host live training sessions, as well as on-demand courses in one spot. Your learners will be able to register for and complete the courses that are relevant to them.

How will I know who is registering for training in my custom portal?

We provide administrative access for a company contact. That person will have access to custom reporting, including the list of learners enrolled in courses, what courses are being taken, and who is completing courses. Interested in knowing other details? Let us know and we'll build a report for you.

How do my learners get access to the content in my custom portal?

We provide a URL to your custom training portal for you to share with your group. They will create an account and have access to each course that you have selected for them. They can then register and complete each course within one year from the date the subscription begins.

What if I'd like your courses in my company's learning management system (LMS)?

Request a quote and include that in your notes. We've got the ability to license our courses for import into most third-party learning management systems.