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RCA TrainingRCA Training
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ThinkReliability offers a variety of Cause Mapping training services to help managers, risk managers, safety managers, and even front-line personnel learn how to thoroughly investigate complex problems, identify solutions, and establish problem-solving processes within your organization.

All of our training is available as public workshops, on-site client workshops, and live online workshops, so that you can choose the RCA training format that works best for your organization and your goals. We also offer a certification program to allow you to become a Cause Mapping champion in your organization.

Our Cause Mapping workshops will benefit anyone who wants to improve their problem solving and problem communication skills. These skills are essential regardless of your industry or role within your organization. All of our workshops cover the fundamentals of effective problem solving and show you how to expand this process based on the complexity of the problems you work.


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Teach your staff how to thoroughly investigate issues and establish problem-solving processes within your organization

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Schedule a workshop at your location to train your team on how to lead, facilitate, and participate in a root cause analysis investigation.