Join us for the next Cause Mapping Root Cause Analysis Public Workshop in HOUSTON on June 18-20.

1-Day Workshop1-Day Workshop
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Everyone can benefit from understanding a systems approach to problem solving. This 5-WHY Cause Mapping Workshop for Frontline + Application was created to provide a training solution for those in your organization who will benefit from learning how to effectively solve day-to-day problems and will be relied upon to provide input into larger problem investigations. This 5-Why incident investigation course will focus on applying Cause Mapping concepts to improve communication, building Cause Maps for day-to-day problems, and bringing a prevention vs blame mentality to problem solving. It is offered as a live event at your location or online.

What you will receive

Each workshop attendee will receive:

  • 5-WHY Cause Mapping for Frontline Workbook
  • Support handouts
  • 5-Why Starter Template
  • Online access to attendee resources
  • Completion certificate with CEU credit



What is the difference between the 5-WHY Cause Mapping for Frontline Workshop and the 5-WHY Cause Mapping for Frontline + Application Workshop?


I don’t want to leave my office, can this workshop be presented online with a live instructor?

Yes, all of our workshops can be presented online with a live instructor

What people are saying

This workshop helped me understand that cause mapping is a powerful problem-solving tool. It enables a team to clearly communicate how a problem occurred and allows for better identification of where effective corrective action can be incorporated. – Workshop attendee, LMCO

This 5 whys incident investigation course was awesome. The subject matter was way outside my current responsibilities, which I knew going in, but I was able to follow along and am still talking about what I learned. It was fantastic! – Workshop attendee, Sandia

This workshop was a great use of my time. Even after going into multiple cause mapping sessions before, attending this workshop got me to really understand the ideology behind the process. I definitely would feel comfortable facilitating my own cause map now. – Workshop attendee, Aera Energy

The Cause Mapping workshop is by far the best workshop I have ever been enrolled in. The subject matter is so practical and will have a HUGE impact on my ability to lead a Root Cause Analysis event for my company. Thanks to ThinkReliability for making us better! – Workshop attendee, Farmer John

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