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Cause Mapping Root Cause Analysis for Facilitators WorkshopCause Mapping Root Cause Analysis for Facilitators Workshop
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Duration: 2 Days

Our most popular workshop is two days in length and is our foundational Cause Mapping course. The Cause Mapping Root Cause Analysis for Facilitators workshop provides enough time to deliver content, provide examples, and work through exercises — both individual and group — to practice the skills and tools.

Day 1 focuses on the fundamental principles and concepts of the Cause Mapping approach reinforced with examples and exercises. Day 2 of the workshop begins to show how the approach applies to real-world organization-specific problems. The final exercise of the day is applying the Cause Mapping method on organization-specific problems identified by workshop attendees. This root cause analysis workshop provides the ideal blend of theory & principles, examples & exercises, and organization-specific application.

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Schedule a workshop at your location to train your team on how to lead, facilitate, and participate in a root cause analysis investigation.

What you will learn

You will learn how to:

  • Break down and analyze any problem within your organization
  • Apply valuable communication skills and techniques in day-to-day problem solving
  • Apply fundamental cause-and-effect relationship patterns to expand your solution set
  • Reveal the most effective solution(s) to a problem
  • Avoid the 5 miscommunication traps that derail group problem-solving sessions
  • Incorporate facilitation tips and strategies when leading a group problem-solving session
  • Drive a “prevention” instead of “blame” focus during an investigation
  • Build a Cumulative Cause Map to share lessons learned across your organization

Who should attend

Our Cause Mapping for Facilitators Workshop will benefit anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving and problem communication skills. These skills are essential regardless of your industry or role within your organization.

All of our workshops cover the fundamentals of effective problem solving and then show you how to expand this process expand based on the complexity of the problems you work.

This is our signature root cause analysis workshop designed with the perfect blend of instruction and exercises. Onsite workshops are customized to your organization so that your attendees will see exactly how this method can be used to solve problems in your organization.

Typical problem-solving role:

  • Complex problem solver
  • Investigation lead

What type of problems do you need to solve

The severity of a problem should dictate the level of analysis. For high-risk problems, a more detailed analysis will reveal a larger set of solutions across multiple work processes. More solutions = greater risk reduction. workshop-pyramid

What you will receive

Each attendee of our root cause workshop will receive:

  • Extensive Cause Mapping Workbook
  • Support handouts
  • Cause Mapping Templates
  • Online access to attendee resources
  • Completion certificate with CEU credit



Is this Cause Mapping workshop just for people who lead complex incident investigations?

While Cause Mapping is an excellent tool to improve your ability to facilitate a complex investigation, the lessons learned can be universally applied to basic problem solving and problem communication. In fact, even if you aren't building a Cause Map, the workshop teaches you why people argue and debate, and provides approaches for managing even day-to-day problems within your organization and personal life.

Are there any prerequisites for attending this workshop?

There are no prerequisites.

I don’t want to leave my office, can this workshop be presented online with a live instructor?

Yes, all of our workshops can be presented online with a live instructor

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel, your registration can be transferred to another party or an upcoming workshop (either live or online). The registration fee will be refunded for cancellations made more than two weeks prior to the first date of the workshop, less a 10% processing fee. If you fail to cancel, transfer, or reschedule your registration two weeks prior to the workshop, the registration fee will not be refunded.

What people are saying

This workshop helped me understand that Cause Mapping is a powerful problem-solving tool. It enables a team to clearly communicate how a problem occurred and allows for better identification of where effective corrective action can be incorporated. – Workshop attendee, LMCO

The workshop was awesome. The subject matter was way outside my current responsibilities, which I knew going in, but I was able to follow along and am still talking about what I learned. It was fantastic! – Workshop attendee, Sandia

This root cause analysis workshop was a great use of my time. Even after going into multiple cause mapping sessions before, attending this workshop got me to really understand the ideology behind the process. I definitely would feel comfortable facilitating my own cause map now. – Workshop attendee, Aera Energy

The Cause Mapping workshop is by far the best workshop I have ever been enrolled in. The subject matter is so practical and will have a HUGE impact on my ability to lead a Root Cause Analysis event for my company. Thanks to ThinkReliability for making us better! – Workshop attendee, Farmer John

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