Join us for the next Cause Mapping Root Cause Analysis Public Workshop ONLINE on July 23-25.

Half-Day WorkshopHalf-Day Workshop
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The High Reliability Leadership session is intended for managers and executives interested in establishing a systematic approach for investigating and preventing problems in their department or across their business unit. It covers the application of the Cause Mapping method from front-line problem solving to complete investigations of major incidents. We define what management should expect to see for each type of incident as well as how the method ties to company goals and key performance measures. Case studies are used to demonstrate how a thorough problem explanation pinpoints important changes in company work processes. This “layers of protection” approach helps mitigate risk and reinforce a prevention culture in order to become a high reliability organization. This session also reviews different implementation and support options from starting a pilot at one site to a corporate-wide rollout.

What you will learn:

  • The essential parts of an investigation
  • Most common investigation mistakes managers make
  • A consistent, repeatable way to define every problem
  • The importance of both basic and detailed explanations
  • The key elements of prevention culture
  • How to access valuable know-how within your organization
  • How single incidents can reveal systemic issues
  • Tips for establishing a sustainable prevention program

Who should attend:

This workshop is intended for those in your company who oversee the processes and systems that drive results. In most cases, these individuals are problem owners who will often review the output of an investigation. Additionally, attendees should have a strong desire to establish processes for becoming a high reliability organization.

Typical problem-solving role

  • Managers
  • Executives

What you will receive:

Each workshop attendee will receive:

  • High Reliability Leadership Workbook
  • Support handouts
  • 5-Why starter page
  • Online access to attendee resources
  • Completion certificate with CEU credit


I don’t want to leave my office, can this session be presented online with a live instructor?

Yes, all of our workshops can be presented online with a live instructor

What people are saying

This workshop helped me understand that cause mapping is a powerful problem-solving tool. It enables a team to clearly communicate how a problem occurred and allows for better identification of where effective corrective action can be incorporated. – Workshop attendee, LMCO

The workshop was awesome. The subject matter was way outside my current responsibilities, which I knew going in, but I was able to follow along and am still talking about what I learned. It was fantastic! – Workshop attendee, Sandia

This workshop was a great use of my time. Even after going into multiple cause mapping sessions before, attending this workshop got me to really understand the ideology behind the process. I definitely would feel comfortable facilitating my own cause map now. – Workshop attendee, Aera Energy

The Cause Mapping workshop is by far the best workshop I have ever been enrolled in. The subject matter is so practical and will have a HUGE impact on my ability to lead a Root Cause Analysis event for my company. Thanks to ThinkReliability for making us better! – Workshop attendee, Farmer John

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