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What Will A Frontline Professional Get Out of the Workshop?
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Frontline professionals attend the Public Workshop to improve their troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.  Some of the key take-aways from the incident investigation training for frontline professionals include:

  • A systematic approach to breakdown problems.
  • How cause-and-effect thinking dissects (explains) any issue.
  • The benefits of using simple Why questions to dig into a problem.
  • The basics of 5-Why, along with important (essential) DOs and DON’Ts.
  • How to communicate the details within a problem in a simple format.
  • Simple ways to change language from blame to prevention.
  • How to define problems quickly and consistently.
  • How to define problems quickly and consistently.
  • Smart ways to develop checklists and troubleshooting guides.
  • Critical thinking skills to identify creative and alternative solutions.
  • The steps for evaluating and selecting effective solutions.
  • How to identify smaller problems before they turn into bigger ones.

Hear What Attendees Have to Say

Workshop attendee from Jet Aviation

This workshop allowed our organization to see how we all run into the same problems on a daily basis across different facilities. With Cause Mapping®, we recognized how quickly simple complex issues can be resolved. 

Workshop Attendee from Lonza

As a newly qualified EHS professional, I found this incident investigation training to be extremely beneficial towards my professional development. I can see how this information will benefit the site where I work and complement the Error Prevention System we recently implemented.

Workshop Attendee from Saint Luke's Health System

I have worked in healthcare quality for over 25 years. Cause Mapping® ties many tools together for a more comprehensive look at cause and effect. What I learned in this workshop will be my new go-to.

Workshop Attendee from LMCO

This workshop helped me understand that Cause Mapping® is a powerful problem-solving tool. It enables a team to clearly communicate how a problem occurred and allows for better identification of where effective corrective action can be incorporated. 

Or Is This Your Role?
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Facilitation Leads
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Whether leading a team through a complete investigation or dissecting a problem on their own, people need a structured approach to collect, organize and document all the details more efficiently.


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Management is responsible for establishing a problem-solving culture. Leaders must know how to access the insight and ideas within the organization to improve work process and prevent problems. 

Looking for a Private Workshop?

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